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Weekend Warrior Clinics – 2 Day Camp

Your chance to get something special. Our popular Weekend Warrior Clinic is only available in spring. Take advantage and book now for $499.

  • 2 Days – $499 / person
  • Camp: 2 students  / 1 instructor
  • Local discounts: Get 10% off everything over $100 for life.
  • Get $250 off your first kite package.

This is a 2 day clinic that offers a full submersion into the sport of Kiteboarding.  Learn all the basics in one action packed weekend.  This class covers the flight mechanics and board skills necessary to become a competent pilot. All students will receive an I.K.O. Certified Card upon completion of the course.  Hands down the best Kitesurfing deal in Massachusetts.

All gear included, apart from booties & gloves (which are available for purchase at our store).

*Please note: The Weekend Warrior Course is an off-season incentive and only available until the beginning of June and after Labor Day. Our regular lesson formats are offered in high season. Group formats can also be worked out on an individual basis. Please call for information.

The 2 days are structured as followed:

  • 10AM: Meet and Greet at Air Support – 109 Main St, West Dennis, MA 02670
  • Paperwork, brief introduction plus kiteboarding theory
  • Gearing up: wetsuits, life jackets and helmets
  • At the beach – Training begins with…
  • Wind Window & Wind Theory
  • Trainer Kite
  • Lines Set Up & Safety
  • Inflatable Kite
  • Landing
  • Launching
  • Water Re-Launching
  • Self Rescue
  • Body Dragging
  • One Handed Body Dragging
  • Board Skills:  Every student will have their chance to get up and ride. Results of course will always depend on the individual.
  • The second day starts immediately in the water.
  • The camp ends with a feedback session and recommendation of where to go from where you left off.